Hall of Fame

Motel Polaris & Associates,
 Roorkee, Uttarkhand, India

The Beatles

Music Band
Year : 1972

   Excellent Food. Good Service, The Beatles

Amitabh Bachan

Film Actor, Mumbai
Year : 1975

   Good Food, Servicing is satisfactory.

Rishi Kapoor

Film Actor, York Studios, Mumbai
Year : 1975

   It was most unfortunate that I could not be here for more than a cup of tea.


B.R.Films, Juhu, Mumbai
Year : 1975

   We were looked after very well. Enjoyed a Tea at this Motel Polaris.

Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Ex-Prime Minister, India
Year : 1982 & 1986

   Excellent food, Service better and naan best!

Shammi Kapoor

Film Actor, Mumbai
Year : 1982

   Very very cooling, Good Service.

Vinod Khanna

Film Actor, Mumbai
Year : 1982

   It was most enjoyable shine. Good service. See you.

Vijayalakshmi Pandit

Freedom fighter, Dehradun
Year : 1988

   Good food. Good service. Congratulations

Amjad Alikhan

Classical Musician
Year : 1988

   Enjoyed the food. Excellent service. Look forward to come again.

Sanjay Khan

Film Actor/Producer, Mumbai
Year : 1992

   Kind and courteous service. I would like to stop here again in the future.

Sushmita Sen

Miss Universe / Film Actress
Year : 1994

   Great food, Courteous members. Thank you.

Arjun Singh

Politician, New Delhi
Year : 1994

   A very well maintained motel, giving very very good service. Thank you.

Sonu Nigaam

Singer, Mumbai
Year : 1995

   People i.e., the staff are superb, co-operative.


Actor - Mahabharath, Bombay
Year : 1999

   In Motel Polaris, its amazing to get the facilities, which one enjoys in the cosmopolitans.