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Celebrities at Motel Polaris
The Beatles, rock band stayed at Motel Polaris in the year 1972
Amitabh Bachan, 1975

"Good Food, Servicing is satisfactory."

Rishi Kapoor, 1975

" It was most unfortunate that I could not be here for more than a cup of tea."

B.R.Chopra, 1975

" We were looked after very well. Enjoyed a Tea at this Motel Polaris."

Atal Bihari Vajpayee, 1982,1986

" Excellent food, Service better and naan best!"

Shammi Kapoor, 1982

" Very very cooling, Good Service. "

Vinod Khanna, 1982

" It was most enjoyable shine. Good service. See you. "

Vijayalakshmi Pandit, 1988

" Good food. Good service. Congratulations. "

Amjad Alikhan, 1988

" Enjoyed the food. Excellent service. Look forward to come again. "

Sanjay Khan, 1992

" Kind and courteous service. I would like to stop here again in the future. "

Sushmita Sen, 1994

" Great food, Courteous members. Thank you. "

Arjun Singh, 1994

" A very well maintained motel, giving very very good service"

Sonu Nigam, 1995

" People i.e., the staff are superb, co-operative. "

Arjun, 1999

" In Motel Polaris, its amazing to get the facilities, which one enjoys in the cosmopolitans."


Motel Polaris & Associates

Motel Polaris, a personification of the traditional Indian hospitality and unparalleled services to tourists from all across the globe.read more...


Hospitality is in our genes

Graceful architecture, elegant decor, and a seamless blend of old-world charm and contemporary facilities have made Motel Polaris, Roorkee one of the best places around himalayan hills since 1960s.read more...



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